When going through your instance of HeyBuddy, you can add any piece of content to your ‘Favorites.’  To do so, navigate to the piece of content you'd like to add and click the Action Menu (three ellipses) at the top right of the screen.  You may have to tap the screen to expose the top navigation and menu.  Then click ‘Add To Favorites’ to add the image or document to your ‘Favorites’ page automatically; this action will not take you off of the current page.

You'll receive a success message that looks like this.  

After tapping on your personal ‘Favorites’ page, you will see a collection of all of your favorite content, which you can then share straight from your device. This is a great place to store all of the content that you find to be most valuable, or easily identify the content that you most often reference or share with others.

To delete a ‘Favorites’ item, simply swipe left, and a ‘Delete’ button will appear.